Friday June 3rd rehearsal

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Friday Schedule

9:00-10:00   Dive In The Pool, Lip Gloss, Canned Heat, Smooth Criminal, Time Warp, Sing Sing Sing, Arabesque, Boogie Shoes, If You Can’t Rock Me

10:00-11:00  Goodbye, And I Love Her, Hotel California- Assts, Some Days You Gotta Dance, This Place was A Shelter, I Fall Apart, Burden Down, Plain Jane, Compass, Invisible

11:00-12:00  Sing, Begin Again, Hot In The Ocean, Skaters Waltz, Stay, Welcome To New York, Defying Gravity

12:00-1:00          LUNCH BREAK – everybody exits the Lied

1:00-2:15   Fur Elise Jam, City of Stars, Ney York Remix, Lollipop, It’s A Small World, Youth, Wild Things, Epiphany, My Boyfriend’s Back, Black Magic, Get In The Groove  

2:00-3:15  Woody’s Roundup, Take It To The Floor, Nothin Like This, The Git Up, Ordinary Miracle, Wannabe, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Can’t Hurry Love, My Own Beat, Fascination

3:15-4:15 kids: finale… An Innocent Warrior (Sat 7/8), Where You Are (Sat Preschool), We Know The Way (Tue 7/8),You’re Welcome (Wed 5/6), Shiny (Mon 5/6), Logo Te Pate (Mon Preschool), I Am Moana (Sat 5/6), How Far I’ll Go (ALL Finale)

4:15-5:30  Irish, Zero to Hero, Physical, Body Movin, Batter Up

5:30-6:30  DINNER BREAK – everybody exits the Lied

6:30-9:00   Doxology and rep

All students will enter through  Johnny Carson of the Lied Center on Friday. Please have your student in a black leotard and pink tights and hair in a secured bun for rehearsal. All Preschool classes may wear their costumes for Friday rehearsal. Please be sure to have it covered up to and from the Lied, there are no dressing rooms available for kids to change into costumes. Meet your class backstage 10 minutes prior to your call time. Stay until you are dismissed. One parent per student is allowed in the house. Please do not drop your child off any earlier that 10 mins prior to their time and do not be late to pick them up. Please do not bring other children (siblings) as we are only permitted so many people in the Lied. Students are not allowed to wear their dance shoes in the house, so please take dance bags back stage when it is your child’s time to practice on stage. NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE LIED.