Arrival times for       Saturday, June 1   Dress Rehearsal – 8:00 a.m.

Recital – 4:30 p.m.

**All entries are at the Johnny Carson Theater (JCT) entrance on the west side of the Lied Center**

A table will be placed in the hallway, which is where you will check-in and pick up your badge. This table will then become the location where all room mothers and dancers will enter. Room mothers are to receive a badge. Room mothers should return their badges to the security desk after each rehearsal/performance.

Security personnel who are assigned this location will be given a list of room mothers. Directions and lists will be provided for dressing room assignments. A diagram will be posted with locations of dressing rooms. In case of any emergency evacuations, all dancers and room mothers will exit the building and go to the east side of the Westbrook building. Westbrook and Kimbal.

Second location of security personnel will be in the JCT. This location is in the backstage area. The primary function will be to only allow room mothers and dancers past this point. Also possibly to assist dancers to their dressing rooms. Direction and list will be provided for dressing room assignments.

Third location is at the door that leads to the dressing rooms in the basement level. The dressing rooms in the basement level are 7 through 14 and warm-up room A and B. Dressing rooms 1 through 4 are on stage right and 5 & 6 are on stage left. The primary function will be to allow room mothers with appropriate badges and dancers past this point.

Fourth location is the backstage, stage right, area of dressing rooms 1 through 4 that lead to the basement level dressing rooms.

There will be three “escort only” badges to be given to parents of young dancers who are having difficulty in going to their dressing room by themselves. Parent may accompany dancer to their dressing room and immediately return to the security desk and return the badge.

All room mothers were asked to wear black clothing, so this should help you to identify them easily.

Additional backstage personnel are volunteer(s) designated to announce dance to the dressing rooms using the Lied page system.

Additional person for dress rehearsal, time 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m., will be located in the hallway in the basement level dressing rooms to assist room mothers and dancers in finding their dressing rooms.

At intermission, parents will be coming to pick up dancers who are finished. They are to be directed into the JCT and wait there for dancer. They are not to go backstage or to dressing rooms.

During dress rehearsal and recital, only room mothers are allowed to be in dressing rooms and backstage. Room mothers may NOT bring unauthorized person to the dressing room or stage areas.

At the conclusion of the recital, parents are to wait in JCT to pick up dancers. NO admittance to dressing rooms or backstage. Please do not let young dancers leave without a parent. (No standing outside to wait.)

All security personnel may be asked to relocate if the need arises.

All questions concerning security should be directed to Jaime or Tricia, if you have any questions prior to rehearsal/recital.