Room Mom Information

Registration opens April 15th. Click on Parent Portal above to open an account and register for classes. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Check in at the Johnny Carson Theater(JCT) door by checking off your name on the security check-in list. Pick up a badge. Room mothers will receive specific badges to designate your assignment. Room mothers should return their badges to the security desk after each rehearsal/performance.

Room Mothers for the following classes will meet their classes in the JCT and then take them down to their room as a group.

Preschool Monday 4:15, 5/6 Combo Monday 4:45, 5/6 Combo Wednesday 4:15, Preschool Saturday 9:45, and 5/6 Combo Saturday 9 :00

Each room mother will receive a scale diagram of the dressing rooms. The dressing room will be marked where you will be assigned. The diagram will also show how to evacuate from that room and what door to exit. Any questions can be answered by any security or backstage help.

Arrival times Saturday June 4:    Dress Rehearsal – 8:15 a.m.
Recital – 4:45 p.m.

  • Please stay for your entire time period that you have been assigned.
  • Please wear all black clothing. This is so that dancers can tell who you are and also when you accompany dancers to backstage your visibility to the audience is diminished.
  • Do not bring other children (siblings) while you are a room mother.
  • It may become necessary for room mothers to assist other room mothers and dancers in the same dressing room. Please help everyone in the dressing room especially during fast costume changes.
  • Dancers are to remain in the dressing rooms until they are called to the stage. There are restroom facilities in each dressing room except in the warm-up rooms and JTC. As room mothers you will be given the discretion to allow the dancers to leave the room for other reasons. Dancers are not allowed backstage, unless waiting to perform. This really allows no other place for the dancers to go. Dancers are not to be allowed to leave the room to watch other dancers perform in the recital
  • Room mothers of younger dancers should bring items or other quiet things to do to keep the class occupied while waiting to perform at the recital.
  • We suggest to room mothers assigned to Warm-Up Room B and JTC, to bring small safe mirrors because there are no mirrors in the dressing room.
  • Please keep the noise level down to a minimum. The noise does come up the stairs to the backstage and house.
  • Dancers may not use the Johnny Carson Theater or adjacent area for any activity other than being dropped off and picked up by parents. If tumblers need to warm up, their teacher MUST be with them.
  • Please turn off the make-up lights when not being used for applying make-up. Room mothers should bring sewing supplies, scissors and safety pins.
  • No dancers are allowed in the green room, small lounge near stage right, unless ill or injured. Permission must be given by Jamie or Tricia.
  • Everyone must be out of the Lied Center 30 minutes after the end of the recital.
  • When you accompany dancers to the backstage area, please keep them behind designated floor markings, to avoid them being seen by the audience. Please keep them quiet and avoid the Rosin box.
  • No dancers or room mothers will be allowed to sit in the backstage area unless they are with their group and are waiting to perform. Do not bring your group early. Two dances prior to your scheduled time is allowing plenty of time. Room mothers remain backstage to assist group back to the dressing room.
  • Room mothers who have classes that are designated to sit in the reserved seats, and the class has completed their performance, are to bring the entire class with all of their personal belongings to the JCT. Leave the belongings and proceed to the designated reserved seating area. Reserved seating is located on the orchestra level side seats. Please ask house ushers for directions. Please stay seated with the class so as not to disrupt the performance. Dancers can be allowed to leave to use the restroom, however they are not allowed to walk around in the house seating area.
  • Room mothers who have finished by intermission are to bring the entire class with all of their personal belonging to the JCT. Please bring them to the JCT 5 minutes prior to intermission and stay with them until they are picked up by their parent(s).